What makes True Tea

We brew our True Tea from selected premium leafs supplied to us from carefully chosen plantations. No tea concentrate, no shortcuts, no industrialization. A hand made product brewed the way it has been done for centuries in the country of origin.

Tea recipes have long history. We can say that teas went through a thousand years long “clinical study” to find the best way to brew each tea. We strictly obey and respect these traditions when brewing our True Tea.

The infusion time is extremely important when making tea. The goal is not to leach out maximum from minimum amount of leafs. During the infusion we extract the various substances gradually over time. When making True Tea we strictly keep the infusion time in order to guarantee that each bottle contains the same high quality tea. Nothing more, nothing less.

Tea is a natural product. We believe that also iced tea should contain only pure natural stuff. That is why we bottle our True Tea on quality glass bottles which allows us to get our teas to you without any chemistry involved.

We brew iced teas which we want to drink ourselves and which are good for us. We enjoy brewing the teas for you and we are proud of this product. We hope that our enthusiasm for True Tea as a high quality product will meet your taste and hopefully work as a refreshment for your body. To your health!

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