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Can an investment banker and a lawyer brew a good tea? Our names are Vaclav Binar and Michal Hora and we would like to prove to you that we can.

The two of us met when we were rubbing shoulders at the English grammar school in Olomouc, a small town in the east of the Czech Republic. We continued our studies in Prague, where we later settled and started our working career.

We both love to travel in our leisure time. Our journeys around the world took us too all kinds of cultures where we discovered all kinds of different ways of making tea.

We also found out that after water, tea is the most consumed liquid in the world. This led us to want to find out more about the mankind’s oldest functional drink. We were trying different teas in different parts of the world. Tea can be so many things, refreshment, comfort, warming, energy, pure relaxation and so on.

The importance of tea was proven to us. On the same time we started to look around us, where can we find the high quality of iced tea we had become so accustomed to, on our travels. We could not find it. Most of the teas we saw in supermarkets and restaurants were industrial products full of sugar and had little to do with high quality tea.

This is how the idea was born. It must be possible to bring people high quality tea with traditional brewing methods?

Our idea is to launch a new tea based on old principles of quality and taste.

With this as our mission, it becomes possible for an investment banker and a lawyer to bring you a fresh ice cold high quality tea with all natural ingredients. That is why we call it True Tea!

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